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Successful Projects!

We are delighted to announce all the successful projects recieving funding across all Wards in Dumfries and Galloway!

Ward 1 - Stranraer and the Rhins

Wigtownshire Rugby Club - £804

Their funding will be used to purchase additional equipment for their youth sections, increasing the quality of their sessions that helps young people to achieve a high level of fitness which in turn promotes a healthier level of living. The charity promotes the game for children and young people from P1 up to senior levels which involves over 15 registered coaches who give their time freely to this project. Training takes place every weeknight and on Sundays.


Wigtownshire Stuff Friday group - £1,270

Wigtownshire Stuff, which is led by and for young adults with support needs, is about developing real opportunities for all. In doing so, it aims to help young adults with a wide range of support needs fulfil their potential as valuable, active citizens making a positive contribution to their community. This funding will be used to enhance the opportunities for young people at the Friday group.


Better Lives Partnership - £1,202

Better Lives Partnership aims to develop a range of opportunities for young people with autism and related disabilities. This funding will help ensure young people in Wigtownshire do not face barriers to fulfilling their potential, are supported, and empowered to live meaningful and independent lives.


Stranraer Youth Cafe - £1,724

Sound Connection is a new 12-week programme for young people in Stranraer. It aims to promote positive mental health through music and song, playing a valuable role in the rescue of young people's mental health in recovery phase of the Covid-19 pandemic. Through exploration of music and song writing, young people will have the space to develop expression, communication, confidence, and self-esteem.


Ward 2 - Mid Galloway and Wigtown West

HIIT For Health - £2,300

HIIT for Health will be a free group for young people to take part in High Intensity Interval Training aiming to improve their levels of physical and mental health. Evidence shows that exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on mental health, including anxiety, depression and ADHD. The fitness class will be followed by a health-based workshop and nutritious meal, offering a holistic programme to improve the mind, body, and soul.


Reconnect Whithorn £1,320

This project will bring young people, aged 12-17 together, socially, over the winter months to take part in a range of fun and safe activities. The aim of the project is to reconnect young people to their community and wider friendship circles after a long period of social isolation, heightened anxieties, and uncertainty during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The aim to help young people feel included, energised, motivated, confident, and safe!


The Vault Youth Project - £1,179

The Vault Youth Project is led by young people who are passionate about creating opportunities in music and the arts. Their ambition is to bring young people together to help reduce social isolation and increase confidence and skills through a range of activities inspired by music and creativity.



Ward 3 - Dee and Glenkens

The Gatehouse Bunker - £2,200

This funding will be used to deliver a drive-in movie event where young people will be able to attend with their families at no cost and watch a movie on the big screen in our local park. The event planning, preparation and delivery will be done by a team made up of volunteers and young leaders who are aged 12 - 25.


Kirkcudbright Development Trust - £2,500

Kirkcudbright Youth Project will soon be setting up in a new permanent youth space in the newly renovated Johnston Centre. From here they will provide a safe space for young people as well as providing structured evening sessions focusing on fun, laughter, and provision in line with the needs of the young people.

YMCA Gatehouse of Fleet - £300

The Gatehouse of Fleet Drop-In "After School Cafe" will offer a relaxed and supportive place for young people to relax, listen to music, chat, and have smoothies and snacks after school. Healthy snacks and fruit juice will be provided every week and once a month there will be a meal.


Ward 4 Castle Douglas & Crocketford

Better Lives Partnership - £2,752

Better Lives Partnership aims to develop a range of opportunities for young people with autism and related disabilities. They want to ensure young people in Stewartry do not face barriers to fulfilling their potential, are supported, and empowered to live meaningful and independent lives.


Stewartry Youth Work Steering Group - Anti Bullying - £1,660

The Castle Douglas issue-based youth group aims to create a short film that tackles the top issue identified by local young people through the 10,000 Voices consultation - Bullying. The purpose of the film is to provoke thought and discussions about bullying and the impact it has on mental health and wellbeing.


Ward 5 - Abbey 

Opportunities for marginalised young people - Stewartry Youth Forum - £2,540

The project is particularly aimed at marginalised groups such as young people with additional support needs and disabilities, LGBT young people and care experienced young people who experience poverty, discrimination and are the most excluded from opportunities. They will work with existing youth groups to provide additional help with offering free nutritious food, to create new experiences and offer opportunities to improve life skills, increase levels of engagement and ultimately lead to volunteering roles within peer groups.


The Birchvale Players - £2,460

Birchvale players are a small charity theatre operating in Dalbeattie within the Abbey Ward. Their activities include the provision of youth drama section that works together to put on plays based on various issues including those worrying our young people in the ward. They will provide a programme of films and produce a minimum of 2 productions allowing young people to express their feeling so on the priorities, both being before March 2021.



Ward 6, North West Dumfries

Dumfries YMCA - £5,000

This funding will be used to develop a new Sexual Health Drop In that will involve weekly sessions providing information on sexual health, relationships and STI testing and find out what their options are when it comes to contraception.


Ward 7 - Mid & Upper Nithsdale

Dumfries & Galloway Hard of Hearing Group - £500

This funding will be used to develop a consultation with young people with a hearing loss in order to gather views, experiences and any concerns arising from Covid-19 which may have had an impact on their mental health or wellbeing. This will help identify immediate, short term and longer-term support needs.


Thornhill After School - £1,500

Thornhill After School is a brand new youth group for young people in Mid Nithsdale and is led by what young people want to do as well as a place to take part in different activities where they can socialise with friends and meet some new one! The funds will allow them to do different activities with their peers such as cooking, arts & crafts and sports activities to give us the opportunity to learn new skills!


Upper Nithsdale Riding for the Disabled Association - £1,000

The Upper Nithsdale RA are developing a sensory garden to benefit the wider community. The sensory garden will provide a stimulating area for the community to interact with nature and enjoy various sensory experiences. The area will be developed with the help of local young people and various organisations.


Nithsdale Lifesavers Club - £500

The club will provide local young people a safe and fun environment in a club setting that is thriving, confident and ambitious where club members will gain knowledge and skills to help prevent drowning and promote and active and healthy lifestyle through life saving activity. Following 6 long months of lockdown, this funding will provide an investment that will make a significant difference that will help the Nithsdale Lifesavers Club thrive and grow once again.


In Ward 8 - Lochar

Jericho Fly Fishing Club - £3,121

The Fly fishing club are working together with #LIFT Lochside to come up with a programme where young adults will go to Jericho Loch for catch to cook weekends, where they will camp, learn to fly fish, catch fish and also cook them. It sounds like a lot of fun!


DG Cheer -£1,486

This funding will create a 16-week informal education programme offering young people the opportunity to become leaders in the sport of cheerleading and their local community. They will look into issues like mental health, body image, bullying and developing interpersonal skills for the future including communication and self-confidence through group work and team building.


In Nith - Ward 9

LGBT Youth Scotland - £610

Pride & Pixels is a digital youth space, where LGBTI young people can chat, get support and attend weekly online youth groups providing opportunities to connect, chat and explore issues, challenges and learning.


Police Scotland Youth Volunteers - £1,300

This funding will create a Mental Health & Physical Well-Being Project focussing on healthy minds and healthy bodies. Professionals will provide inputs and practical workshops from cooking to fitness for youths to take part in. The programme will provide young people with knowledge and understanding to educate peers whilst working along-side Youth Engagement Officers in schools


Music and Me, Oasis Events Team - £1,550

Writing, making, playing and listening to music helps young people to say how they feel and can help people to feel better. This funding will be used to upgrade the Music Room and Recording Studio in the Oasis Youth Centre making it a more relevant, accessible and inclusive place for young people.


Dumfries Parkour Group - £1,450

Dumfries Parkour Group is open to young people who want to develop various skills and techniques whilst overcoming obstacles in a natural environment through the use of running, vaulting, jumping, climbing, rolling and other movements in order to travel from one point to another in the quickest way possible. This funding will increase opportunities for young people to take part.


Ward 10 - Annandale South:

Annan Athletic - £3,000

Our project will offer free football for all our youths as we restart training. Removing financial barriers will ensure young people in the area will reap all the benefits of exercise, having fun, learning a skill and being part of a team.


Annan Academy Bee Club - £1,000

The Bee Movies. This funding will be used to purchase video equipment and software to make short movies to help educate others about bees, pollination, and beekeeping. The equipment will help us improve young people's film and technology skills but also allow us to share our experiences & learning in our local & wider communities.


Solway Spartans Boxing Club - £500

Solway Spartans Boxing Club funding will help the club take our boxers to events and competitions where they could develop their skills and increase their potential. This would also help build team spirit and allow our boxers to encourage and support each other.


Bright Stars - £350

Bright Stars Parents Group is for young parents under 26 and their children. The Bright Stars Parents come along with their children to take part in an activity programme relating to Health and Well Being, in a peer to peer learning environment.


Annan Youth Group - £141

Annan Drop In Youth Group meet very Friday evening and group members, aged 12 - 25 years, take part in a variety of activities such as sports, arts, cooking and issue based projects in an inclusive, safe and secure environment, that is welcoming and supportive.


Ward 11 - Annandale North

Lockerbie Learning Centre - £5,000

The young people that access the learning centre all have severe and complex needs. Play is crucial to sustaining their positive mental health. These funds will help to buy outdoor play equipment which would be accessible to everyone as part of an outdoor learning area currently being developed by school and other partners.


Ward 12 - Annandale East & Eskdale

Duke of Edinburgh - £4,845

The project will purchase up to date outdoor equipment enabling more young people in Annandale and Eskdale Ward to complete their Duke of Edinburgh's Award Expeditions in a safe and enjoyable way. It will be open to all young people aged 14-25. Our mission is "to inspire, guide and support young people in their self-development and recognise their achievements".


Regional Projects

We are also delighted to announce that across all Wards in Dumfries and Galloway the Youth Council received funding to carry our 2 regional projects focussing on Environmental issues and Young People's Mental Health.

The Mental Health Project received £630 and will make mental health resources available and accessible to young people across the region to ensure that they have help and support when they need it the most.

The Environmental project received £425 Young people across D&G are worried about their future and the future of our area, country, and planet. The mental and physical well-being of young people and the issues facing our environment are linked and we this funding will pay for training for young people that will help us support young people in our communities.